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08 Sep, 2016 12:19 PM

FI-MEDIA C2C event being held on 19th September, 2016, hosted by IIT Delhi

During the past year since the setting up of a C2C partnership in relation to the bringing of the EU's FIWARE Open Stack platform to the India Smart cities (including villages) setting, the FI-MEDIA partners have teamed up with FIWARE experts in the EU and numerous interested parties in India, with the view to organising other C2C events.
A planning session was held during June 2016 at IIT Delhi with a number of stakeholders, which examined best ways forward for this C2C and started planning for a longer session in September.
One of these key stakeholders is the Smart Cities Lab India, which invites all interested stakeholders from students’ communities, academics and professionals world to join hands and spread the FIWARE platform to the advantage of a new ‘smart’ living. Together, through our C2C partnership programme, FI-MEDIA are committed to expand the group and promote FIWARE by working closely with corporates, start-ups incubated within Institutions of higher learning (IITs/IIMs), and college students via workshops, internships, lab and competitive schemes.
Taking this goal forward is the main purpose of the next C2C event entitled EU-INDIA FI-MEDIA - SMART CITIES LAB INDIA- FIWARE C2C WORKSHOP, being held at IIT Delhi on 19th September, 2016 in raising awareness on FIWARE with special focus on building upon ongoing and future activities in India under the leadership of Smart Cities Lab India and IIT Delhi and progressing Europe & India clustering building partnerships in ICT research and innovation undertaken by the EU-India FI-MEDIA project.
The principle goal of the C2C event  is: For stakeholders, with an emphasis on business and software developers, to comprehensively learn about FIWARE present and future activities in India:
  • 'Smart Cities Lab India’, a focused initiative to develop Smart Cities with FIWARE Open Platform;
  • FIWARE resources available in India through the Smart Cities Lab India Lab;
  • Training and other support activities planned for start-ups and developers in India;
  • Example FIWARE services running in India and Europe for Smart cities, IoT, etc.;
  • The plans for fostering business opportunities with FIWARE based solutions;
  • Contributing to the clustering programmes between EU and India.

Additional information on the full day C2C event can be found here. Please note the morning session is by invite only.