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05 Oct, 2016 12:43 PM

EU-India STI Cooperation Days 2016 conference, 21-22nd Sept. 2016, Goa, India.

The EU-India FI-MEDIA partners, Waterford Institute of Technology, IIT Delhi, and Beyond Evolution Tech Solutions, participated to the EU-India STI Cooperation Days 2016 conference, held on 21-22nd September 2016, in Goa, India. The event was held at National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), within its headquarters at Dona Paula, Goa. NIO is a premier marine science research institute and one of the 37 constituent laboratories of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR).
Organised by the Indigo Policy and Inno Indigo projects, the EU-India STI Cooperation Days 2016 event brought together EU and India based researchers, SMEs and policy makers to discuss the latest policy, research and innovation developments in the field of bio-economy and offer extended networking opportunities.
The conference covered four topics:
1. Sustainable Food Security – research and innovation all along the food chain, from primary production, food processing to healthy and safe foods and diets;
2. Blue Growth –Testing, demonstrating, scaling-up and bringing to the market innovative marine and maritime technologies, products and services, as well as exploring the interactions between the oceans and human health, and strengthening the capability to observe and map oceans and seas basins;
3. Bio-based innovation for sustainable goods and services – Securing sustainable biomass supply for biobased goods and services and the future development of bio-based markets, for example by promoting stakeholder engagement; and
4. Rural Renaissance – Innovation as driver for rural development, with a particular emphasis on developing framework conditions for innovation and new business models adapted to the rural context, and support for skills development in rural communities.
Mr. James Clarke of Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), coordinator of EU-India FI-MEDIA, made a presentation as a panelist in the dedicated sessions on Rural Renaissance.
Mr. Clarke’s presentation focused on the work being carried out in the EU-India FI-MEDIA project, which has created a cluster to cluster (C2C) partnership on Smart village ecosystems. Mr. Abhishek Sharma, Managing Director of Beyond Evolution Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd, a Gurgaon based company working in the IOT / Mobile Solutions domain and Co-Partner to the FI-Media project, was also a panelist and gave a presentation entitled Rural Development through Innovative Approach, citing a number of exemplar case studies for generating a Rural Renaissance, including the WIT projects, H2020 Aquasmart and VirtualVet.
Participation to this event for the EU-India FI-MEDIA partners was very fruitful and a substantial number of researchers and industry were recruited to participate to the C2C partnership on Smart village ecosystems in the FI-MEDIA project. In addition, there was significant interest in the EU's FIWARE platfform and the FI-MEDIA C2C on Bringing FIWARE to the India context, especially for Smart Agriculture applications.
All presentations for the EU-India STI Cooperation Days 2016 conference can be found here