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03 Mar, 2017 02:41 AM

FI-MEDIA activities in four India cities during week 13 - 17th February, 2017 - report available

In the second year of the project, the FI-MEDIA project focussed on the launching and maintenance of two dedicated Cluster to Cluster (C2C) partnerships: One on Smart Cities/Villages ecosystems, and the other on Bringing EU’s FIWARE programme to India, indeed in the context of “Smart environments”.

For the second C2C partnership, the project has teamed up with Smart Cities Lab India and the FIWARE Mundus global component, which is being proactively extended towards other regions around the world, including India.

During the week of 13-21st February, 2017, a dedicated C2C team from Europe and India held a week-long mission of events with a dual purposes:

  1. Follow up activities from past C2C events; and
  2. Initiating new C2C partnerships through new events.

A report is now available summarising all of the activities carried out during the multi-faceted week-long mission in a number of Indian cities, including New Delhi, Jabalpur, Gwalior and Mumbai.