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01 Nov, 2017 08:00 AM

C2C partnership mission in Kerala, India in October, 2017

The EU-India FI-MEDIA project team and Cluster to Cluster (C2C) members Forthcode Technologies (from Netherlands and Bangalore, India) carried out a highly successful multi- city mission this week, with the purpose of building new EU-India C2C activities in Trivandrum, Kerala, New Delhi and Bangalore.

The mission started with a very positive workshop at the Kerala Start Up Mission (KSUM) organised by Forthcode Technologies, at which key areas were identified for potential C2C collaborations including smart agriculture (e.g. smart dairy farming and resources), smart water management, and electric mobility. In addition, ideas for a new C2C bringing together the necessary societal and technology challenges in relation to building a citizen-centric Next Generation Internet were discussed. This topic will be taken up further at a focus group discussion (FGD) being organised by FI-MEDIA partner, IIT Delhi, next 23rd November, 2017.  The idea would be to involve specialists in the fields of civil society matters, and involve technology industry and start-ups (e.g. IoT) in the discussions as they would have a good knowledge and close relationship to their customers and they could feed into determining the best ways to address societal challenges such as privacy and data protection issues as deemed important by the citizens.

In addition to the meeting with KSUM, C2C member Forthcode Technologies were instrumental in organising a number of successful meetings with eminent Gov't of Kerala staff members including Chief Scientific Advisor, IT Secretary, IT Mission, Advisor and Private Sect'y to Minister of Transport, and Water resources Minister over the two day visit in Trivandrum, Kerala.

In New Delhi, the EU-India FI-MEDIA partners had meetings with the M2M + IoT Forum in relation to the planning of their annual M2M + IoT Forum event dedicated to Smart cities being held on 29th January, 2018. Also being held in conjunction with a joint M2M + IoT Forum and  FI-MEDIA C2C workshop  on Smart Villages being held on 30th January, 2018. In addition, the EU-India FI-MEDIA team members presented the project’s C2C activities (current and future) including the upcoming events in November, 2017 and January, 2018 to the Gov’t of India, Senior Director, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology.

In Bangalore, the Netherlands Investment Agency, in conjunction with Forthcode Technologies, and other participants from Netherlands and India, have organised a series of EU-India events to determine key areas of mutual benefit for C2C cooperation.