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11 Nov, 2017 00:39 AM

Machine-To-Machine (m2m) and Internet Of Things (iot) Holds Huge Potential in Making of Smart Cities & Smart Villages in India. Come join us at the M2M + IoT Forum 2018 on 30-31st January, 2018

Founded in the year 2014, ‘India m2m + iot Forum 2018’ is the 5th Annual National Forum on machine-to-machine (m2m) and internet of things (iot) from the larger umbrella of the Information Communications Technologies (ICT), and has become the signature forum in marketing ‘Brand Of India’ to the entire ICT stakeholders across the world.

The forum aims at enriching the m2m and iot ecosystem by demonstrating the applications and usability of disruptive and specialized technologies such as m2m and iot in making Smarter Cities and Smarter Villages in India over 2 days via the ‘4th India Smart Cities Forum 2018’ and the ‘4th India Smart Villages Forum 2018’.

Come join with us in this unique Cluster to Cluster (C2C) partnership opportunity to join our C2C on M2M and IoT in a number of possible areas e.g. Smart Agriculture, Smart Dairy Farming, Smart Energy Management, with a view to synchronising these C2Cs with suitable Smart Village and Smart Cities programmes in both the EU and India.

A full press release of the event can be downloaded here